IPCU Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Istanbul Governorship Istanbul Project Coordination Unit (IPCU) has been continuing, with no slowdown, to provide supportive and preventive services intended for preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery before, during and after earthquake under ISMEP since 2006.

Established within Istanbul Governorship for the implementation of a risk mitigation project, which was the first in Turkey, IPCU has been continuing its activities since February 2006, duly performing its duties under the ISMEP Project which is one of the most successful examples of pre- disaster operations in the world. Under ISMEP Project which is considered to be one of “the best risk mitigation projects in the world”, IPCU has been working for the people of Istanbul for 10 years with its activities for pre- disaster, during disaster, and post- disaster phases.

These activities which started with the loan agreement entered into by and between the Treasury Undersecretariat and World Bank 10 years ago have been continuing with participation of European Investment Bank, European Council Development Bank and Islamic Development Bank.

Under the project, 874 schools were retrofitted and reconstructed. Total 1.258 public buildings, including 80 health buildings including 13 hospitals, 32 administrative buildings, 14 dormitories and 10 social service buildings were strengthened by reconstruction and retrofitting against earthquake.

For improving emergency preparedness capacity, two new command centres, i.e. Hasdal and Akfırat, with high-tech communication and information infrastructure, were constructed in two sides of Istanbul for Istanbul AFAD.  

1.009.128 people were trained with Safe Life Trainings organized under public awareness activities. 265.133 people in Istanbul have become Safe Life Volunteers.

IPCU has reached a position where it can share its information and knowledge which it gained from its successful activities in the field of disaster management. IPCU collected in 8 guidebooks its experiences which it gained during ISMEP.