B Component

The Component B contributes to reduce the risk of a future earthquake to essential public facilities in order to ensure their continuing function and to reduce casualties in the event of an earthquake.

As IPCU, we work on retrofitting and reconstruction of schools, hospitals, dormitories, administrative and social service buildings to make them earthquake-resistant, secure, modern and energy efficient under the ISMEP Project. Moreover, we aim to protect cultural heritage buildings to future generations by reducing their seismic risks,

Schools our children are studying at, hospitals that serve to all our citizens, administrative and social institutions. We either strengthen these structures, which are used directly by the people of İstanbul, against an earthquake or reconstruct them. We retrofitted and/or reconstructed a total of 1484 public buildings against earthquakes with these İstanbul-wide projects from all districts.

Under ISMEP, we have retrofitted and/or reconstructed 1253 school buildings. Thus, we ensured an education in more secure building for over 1.6 million students by reinforcing approximately 4 million square meters of school buildings against earthquakes.

Thanks to the retrofitting and reconstruction works and disaster emergency plans in schools that is carried under ISMEP, Turkey is selected as the Leader Country for the United Nations School Safety Program. With this title, we have started to share our field experience with other countries.

We strenghtened 115 hospitals, polyclinics and outpatient clinic buildings against earthquakes with our project. We are demolishing and rebuilding the 3 of the Istanbul’s most important hospitals with about 1 million square meters of total coverage area. We are using a specifically designed seismic isolator system for these hospitals so that their service will not be interrupted during an earthquake.

  • Göztepe Training and Research Hospital
  •  Kartal Dr. Lutfi Kırdar Training and Research Hospital
  • Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital

As the biggest hospital in the world, Marmara University Başıbüyük Training and Research Hospital is retrofitted with seismic isolator technology so it’s earthquake-resistant design will meet modern healthcare needs.

We reintroduced the leading edge maternity and children hospital of Turkey, the Ümraniye Maternity and Children Hospital, to serve the people of İstanbul. In the architecture of the hospital, we designed special sections for children. The service quality and the technology of the hospital comply with the European standards.

Istanbul has been the capital for three empires and we realized projects to protect the cultural heritage in the city.

We have created an inventory of 176 buildings that are located in 26 historical building complexes. These include historical and cultural heritages such as Yıldız Palace and Topkapı Palace that are under auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. We ensured the seismic data is transferred to a special database so the experts can evaluate the seismic risk and use the results.

We also prepared the first “Protection Bylaw” that introduces the basic principles for protection of cultural and historical heritage in Turkey.