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İSMEP LogoIstanbul Seismic Risk Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness Project (ISMEP) is implemented by the Istanbul Project Coordination Unit which is established in 2006 under the Governorship of Istanbul. ISMEP is the first risk mitigation project of Turkey with its studies on what to do before, during and after a potential earthquake in Istanbul.


Enhancing Emergency Preparedness Capacity


Seismic Risk Mitigation for Priority Public Buildings



Building Code Enforcement

283 school buildings reconstructed and 796 school buildings retrofitted against earthquake under ISMEP.

47 school buildings being reconstructed and 5 school buildings being retrofitted.

3 health buildings reconstructed and 48 health buildings retrofitted against earthquake under ISMEP.

3 health buildings being reconstructed.

1.120.447 people have been trained under public awareness program.

265,134 citizens have been volunteers with the “Safe Life Training Program”

Istanbul Project Coordination Unit Strenghtened 26 Schools and Kartal Dr. Lütfi Kırdar Training and Research Hospital Against Earthquake in 2019.

Dear stakeholders, Each year we leave behind puts even greater responsibilities on us. From the very first day we have taken the road with the motto: “We are Strengthening Our Future!”, we at Istanbul Project Coordination Unit (IPCU) have been endeavouring to prepare our beloved Istanbul, one of the most important cities in the world, for disasters …
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3rd Urban Transformation Summit Held

3rd Urban Transformation Summit Held

The “3rd Urban Transformation Summit” was held on November 24-25, 2016 at Üsküdar Bağlarbaşı Congress and Culture Center. In the event organized by Reis Map, Real Estate and Geographic Information System Association, representatives of the local government, construction and finance sectors, public and private sectors, and academicians came together to discuss the urban transformation in …
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Director's Message

We are Strengthening Our Future

As the director of Istanbul Seismic Risk Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness Project (ISMEP), it is an honour for me to share this message with you. ISMEP, which is the first risk mitigation project conducted in our country, is one of the most successful examples of its kind not only in Turkey but also worldwide. Our project involves three main components; enhancing emergency preparedness, seismic risk mitigation for priority public buildings and building code enforcement.