Meditation Commission



According to Article 15/8 under the heading: “Execution of Mediation Procedures” of Law No. 6325 on Mediation in Legal Disputes, and the applicable provision of Article 18 “Representation of the Administration” of Regulation on Law on Mediation in Legal Disputes which reads: “the administration will be represented by a commission comprised of the chief of legal unit or a lawyer or legal advisor to be designated by such chief and 2 members to be designated by the top executive”, a Mediation Commission is constituted to represent our Administration for resolution of any private law disputes arising out of or in connection with any acts or actions involving our Administration through Istanbul Project Cooperation Unit, on which parties may exercise their free discretion.

Pursuant to the applicable provision: “the administration shall, within one month from effective date of this Regulation, publish on its website the address, registered electronic mail address, and phone numbers for service of any invitations for mediation” as defined under Paragraph 2, Article 18 of the Regulation on Law on Mediation in Legal Disputes as published in the Official Journal No. 3439 dated 02.06.2018, please kindly note that the contact details of the Mediation Commission are as follows:


Phone : 0216 505 55 00
Fax : 0216 225 04 85
E-mail :
Address : Kısıklı Mahallesi Alemdağ Yan Yolu Caddesi
No: 6 34692 Üsküdar, İstanbul