A Component

As the Istanbul Project Coordination Unit of the İstanbul Governorship, IPCU, we work for people of Istanbul to be prepared for a possible disaster by enhancing emergency response capacity of public institutions city-wide and increasing community disaster awareness.

Under the ISMEP Project, we are managing the work to increase institutional capacity of the Istanbul Governorship Provincial Disaster and Emergency Management (Istanbul AFAD). Along with this, we also provide required equipments for institutions that are first responders in disaster or emergency, such as Istanbul AFAD Search and Rescue Department, National Medical Rescue Teams (UMKE), Istanbul Security Directorate, Istanbul Gendarmerie Command, and Turkish Red Crescent. We build or renew the infrastructure required for fast communication, cooperation and coordination between these public institutions.

Defined as the A Component, these studies also include public training activities to increase awareness and preparedness against a disaster. Since 2006, 1.7 Million people has participated into our "Safe Life Training" and we contributed 265,134 Istanbul citizens to become a "Safe Life Volunteer". Our main aim is to increase these numbers even further to minimize the loss of life and property in a possible earthquake.