Schools are Demolished and Reconstructed According to Most Recent Applicable Regulations to Resist an Earthquake

Schools to be reconstructed are designed with an innovative approach in line with the site conditions, and with a view to best fit the architectural and historical fabric. Surely, not only will the reconstructed schools provide earthquake-safe, environmentally and energy friendly school solutions, but they will also offer education to a greater number of students in spacious classrooms and areas.

Projects designed with innovative approaches feature:

  • Spaces to be used in case of a disaster and emergency, as well as safe spaces equipped with proper technical equipments according to applicable regulations,
  • Amenity spaces which prompt research, discovery, experiment, playing, and socializing,
  • Easy to use and clean hygienic spaces for a better health.

Constructed according to recent electrical, mechanical, and fire regulations, these schools also feature building automation systems, and electricity and fuel saving measures are duly taken into account in selection of all materials and systems.