Other Public Institutions

Istanbul Project Coordination Unit’s operations across Istanbul do not only cover retrofitting and reconstruction of hospitals and schools but also implementation of projects involving other public institutions.

As a part of ISMEP Project, we have also completed retrofitting works for 28 dormitories so far. In retrofitting the dormitories, we did not only aimed to produce earthquake resistant buildings but also give the students from cities outside Istanbul the opportunity to enjoy a modern accommodation and education environment with many new facilities and features including the room design, conference and sports halls, mess halls, and landscaping.

As a part of our retrofitting works, we also deliver earthquake resistant nurseries and women’s shelters in addition to dormitory buildings. As a part of our retrofitting and repair works, we also prepare projects for buildings accommodating security forces in order to enable the security forces, which will play a critical role in case of an earthquake, to carry out their operations free of any problems.