Public Awareness Raising and Training

Natural disasters affect community by causing physical, social and economic losses for people and stopping or disrupting normal life and daily activities. The role of community during a disaster is as critical as public institutions to minimize the potential of damage.

Simple precautions can reduce the damage during an earthquake, while increasing awareness on how to behave during an earthquake is also very important. Thus, we prepared 15 different public training modules and their materials that address every segment of the society, from children to local governors, to increase disaster awareness and know-how among the community.

We also gave Safe Life Trainings to Istanbul community from all ages to create awareness level for disaster preparedness and improve their knowledge and basic skills. Within the scope of these activities, we have trained 1.6 Million people and 265,134 people became an Safe Life Volunteer. These trainings have three phases: Safe Life 1 (1 hour), Safe Life 2 (4 hours) and Local Disaster Volunteer (YAG) Training (40 hours).

Besides those community trainings, our public awareness campaigns have reached over half of the population in İstanbul. We delivered over 6.5 millions of printed material to our citizens.