Social Guidance

In order to to provide information and raise awareness, in collaboration with Provincial Directorate of National Education, training sessions were held in schools during pre and post periods of retrofitting and reconstruction projects to provide detailed information to project affected people and beneficiaries; students, parents and teachers.

In those sessions, information is provided regarding new features introduced into schools, along with basic principles of individual disaster preparedness given under safe life training modules. By those awareness raising activities, we guide and take measures against possible social and psychological problems that may arise for the students who will continue their education in another hosting school.

Number of Schools Teacher Student Parent Material
Retrofitting 761 23.849 229.019 46.034 1.018.636
Reconstruction 162 4.465 74.988 4.553 107.508
TOTAL 923 28.314 304.007 50.587 1.126.144

Training topics of social guidance program in the retrofitted schools,

  • What is retrofitting? How a retrofitting decision is made?
  • What is the main purpose of retrofitting works?
  • How retrofitting is performed? What kind of works are carried out in buildings under retrofitting?
  • Why is our school retrofitted?
  • How long will retrofitting works continue? Will it hinder education?
  • How can we support our children?

Training topics of social guidance program in the reconstructed schools,

  • What is the main purpose of reconstruction works?
  • Our school before and after reconstruction
  • What is reconstruction process?
  • What are its contributions to disaster preparedness and education?
  • Safe life culture and 8 steps
  • Things to do before, during and after an earthquake

During retrofitting and reconstruction activities, we include opinions of people who will use these facilities to the works carrying on in hospitals, student dormitories, social service and administrative buildings. We form projects by taking feedbacks into consideration in the meetings with related parties. After retrofitting works, we observe how perception has changed on the basis of school, criteria, and district area.